Move Over, Katniss: 10 Sexy Movie Archers We Loved Before The Hunger Games


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It’s Hunger Games season! And with posters of Jennifer Lawrence, game-face on, staring you down, pointing her bow and arrow at you in a flourish of flames everywhere you turn, it’s hard not to succumb to the delicate mix of sexiness and feminist bravado the image evokes. It’s true that J-Law looks good doing just about anything — I challenge you to put her in a burlap sack and have her recite the dictionary and it NOT be completely endearing and compelling — but as Katniss Everdeen there’s a real magic in her archery.

I guess then it would be easy to forget that the movies have given us some super sexy archer-types over the years — so transfixing is Katniss’ archer stance. But before Katniss there were some pretty sexy cinematic archers, all of whom also managed to melt with the perfect flexed-bow-to-face-stance. Here are our Top 10 sexiest archers from film, Katniss aside…

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