We Battle Mindy Project Star Adam Pally In Operation


Adam Pally is emerging as one of the most consistently funny people on TV. He was brilliant as the venomously snarky and constantly unemployed Max on Happy Endings (R.I.P.) and is killing it as bro-doc Peter Prentice on The Mindy Project. He’s also a longtime friend, after we met doing improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in NYC back when people had to text on flip phones. That’s why I feel pretty comfortable asking him about his farts.

Pally and I sat down for an interview over a heated game of Operation, which is surprisingly hard and still terrifying to play as an adult (or is that just me?). We talked about everything from the challenges of playing a gynecologist to, yes, farting in front of someone very, very famous. We also removed a pair of headphones out of man’s armpit. Can you guess who won?

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