Bangin’ Biopics: Hot Stars Playing Hot Historic Heroes



When Idris Elba signed on to play Nelson Mandela in the new film Mandela: The Long Walk To Freedom, he not only had to play one of the most recognizable men in history without it seeming like an impression, but he also had to capture the vitality of the man in his youth. Nelson Mandela isn’t just a peace maker or a former rebel. As seen we see in Mandela: The Long Walk To Freedom, he was also a ladies man.

And so, Elba joins a long list of hot actorss like Nicole Kidman, Amanda Seyfried and Ashton Kutcher who have had to either turn down (or turn up) their looks to match the hotness of the historic heroes and legendary celebs they’ve been hired to play.

“People like to see ‘lookie-like’ films,” Elba told us on the Mandela: The Long Walk To Freedom red carpet. “It makes them feel comfortable and they go, ‘Oh my God! You look just like him!”

However, that was not the intent in this film. “We veered away from that,” he said. “We wanted to give the audience the chance to just watch a film.”

So Mandela: The Long Walk To Freedom was less concerned with whether or not Elba looked and sounded just like Nelson Mandela and more interested in presenting a certain “point of view” on the man’s life.

Elba might not have been worried about looking like Mandela, but he certainly captured something of Mandela’s youthful glory.

Just for fun, we want to ask you if you think Idris Elba is too distractingly hot to play  young Nelson Mandela or was the handsome and athletic man himself a bigger catch? Also, let us know which other stars outshine the celebs they were hired to play. Does Nicole Kidman carry more royal elegance than Grace Kelly? Is Amanda Seyfried more sexy than Linda Lovelace? Click through and let us know!


[Photo: Weinstein/Getty Images]

Who’s hotter: Idris Elba playing Nelson Mandela, or the real thing?

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