Our Guide To Gorging On The Best Friends Thanksgiving Episodes



Ah, Thanksgiving… It’s a time to feast with family, friends and the television show Friends. For whatever reason, the writers of Friends decided to take Thanksgiving and make it the show’s big holiday and we are incredibly thankful to them.

Now some people marathon all the Friends Thanksgiving episodes. Some people need to watch them in order. However, we at VH1 know that you might not have the time for five hours of your favorite Friends. (I mean, there’s also this thing called football happening and some people are actually cooking.)┬áTo help you pick and choose, we’re ranking them Thanksgiving buffet style. Which episodes make a good main dish? Which offer a sweet sentimental dessert? And which episode, like Chandler’s traditional non-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving food, is fulfilling for a Friends fan, but not very festive?

friends thanksgiving 5

The Turkey (aka The One You Absolutely Can’t Miss–and The One With The Turkey Head)
Season 5: “The One With All The Thanksgivings”

This might be the best Thanksgiving episode if only because it’s a massive treat for the show’s fans. Nowadays it’s the norm for a character on a sitcom to reference something funny and to have a quick cutaway to the scene or situation referenced. In the late ’90s though, it was most certainly not the norm. So, this is an episode full of great jokes, insightful flashbacks, and of course, Monica wearing a turkey on her head.

friends thanksgiving

The Stuffing (aka The One Chock Full Of Laughs, Character Backstory & The BIG Guest Star)
Season 8: “The One With The Rumor”

“The One With The Rumor” could be also be called “The One Where Brad Pitt Shows Up.” It was one of the most-hyped half hours of television during NBC’s Must See TV era, and it holds up amazingly well today. The episode is sharply written and, much like many of the show’s best Thanksgiving episodes, deals with the gang’s backstory. It’s almost as though the producers wanted to give the biggest movie star in the world (who was then married to Jennifer Aniston) a really great and really memorable episode to guest star in.

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