Don’t Quit Your Day Job: 10 Athletes Who Can’t Act


LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal

LeBron James has won two NBA championships, four Most Valuable Player trophies and the hatred of most sports fans outside the state of Florida. But like like Ariel, he wants more. The Miami Heat star will star in a new movie opposite comedian Kevin Hart titled Ballers, currently scheduled to shoot in Miami next summer.

King James has dabbled in acting before (see: Entourage) and stars in those cute Samsung Galaxy commercials you don’t want anyone to know you enjoy. But like other overpaid, detested sports stars, there’s always another world to conquer. Before LeBron stars memorizing his lines or demanding obscurely flavored fruit snacks for his trailer, we advise him to take a look at those athletes who have acted before him. A bad film or television cameo may be fleeting, but an embarrassing clip posted on YouTube is forever.

Michael Jordan, Space Jam (1996)

The Chicago Bulls star decided to use his mid-career personal crisis as inspiration for a major motion picture, complete with aliens and Looney Tunes. If you can move past the ridiculous premise, Space Jam is fun (Bill Murray!) and Jordan struggling to impress his late father hits close to home. Too bad his happy and sad faces look identical.

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