Fifty Shades Of Grey Set Photos! Are Christian Grey And Anastasia Steele Hot Enough For You?


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After all that flurry of casting news, reality has finally set in: Fifty Shades Of Grey is being shot as we speak. The sexiest and steamiest read of the past few years is currently being filmed in Vancouver, and paps are already snapping exclusive photos of the actors on set. We’re getting our first glimpses of Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey and Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele. Still the question remains: Are they hot enough to play the illicit lovers?

Don’t get it twisted. Jamie Dornan is an incredibly handsome man and Dakota Johnson is a gorgeous young woman. However, when you think Fifty Shades of Grey, images of handcuffs and whips and dirty sex scenes immediately spring to mind, and so far all of the shots from the film’s set seem really…uh…tame.

In one shot a dapper Christian Grey serves a demure Anastasia tea in a restaurant. Gallant, yes. Steamy? Well, the tea might be steaming hot, but there’s not a lot happening between the two leads. In another exclusive photo we see Christian and Anastasia leaving Grey Enterprises wearing business dress and looking all business, no pleasure. Finally, the photo that the agencies are boasting as their “first kiss” is just a peck on the cheek.

Now, we understand that most of the really down and dirty love scenes will be shot behind closed doors, so we’re not going to get set photos of the really raunchy stuff, but right now the movie’s looking almost boring. Are we feeling this way because these shots are less than steamy and we haven’t seen the stars in literal action yet, or are we starting to get Fifty Shades of Grey fatigue?

What do you think?

[Photo Credit: Splash News]


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