Man Manes: The 10 Studliest Dude Hairdos in Hollywood


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There’s something about male celebrities with good hair. They get a pass that real dudes don’t. In real life, when you see a man with better hair than you, it’s totally off-putting. First of all, it’s unfair. Secondly, if you can detect that there was actual effort involved in the creation of the ‘do, the dude suddenly seems metro and twee. But when it comes to guy stars? Fabulous hair is expected. Part of the gig. Bring on the long, bouncy, princess curls a la Jared Leto!

We’re more than happy with Brad Pitt’s painstakingly highlighted and layered bob (actually it looks more than a little like “The Rachel,” doesn’t it?)! Justin Timberlake has left his horrible highlights far behind and is now an inspiration to curly-topped men everywhere. Henry Cavill, we’re obsessed with your real-life Superman-inspired front swoop!

From Prince Harry to Jon Snow, let’s celebrate some of the best celeb man-strands, ever.

[Photos: Getty Images]

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