Manti Te’o To Miley Cyrus: How Shocked Were You By 2013’s Celebrity Scandals?


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One of the most entertaining thing about doing these year end wrap up stories is testing our collective memory of all the crazy sh that happened at the beginning of the year: remember Manti Te’o? Or Dina Lohan’s revelation about how much Michael used to beat her?

Some¬† scandalous moments this year were so shockingly out of character for their perpetrators that they seem like a dream: Reese Witherspoon wasn’t really arrested was she? Beyonce lip-synched the national anthem at President Obama’s inauguration?¬† And Philip Seymour Hoffman was snorting heroin?

Others seem so meticulously calculated — looking at you Miley Cyrus and Kris Jenner — that we din’t believe them either. Then there are the tales that seem like they’ve been going on forever – Amanda Bynes‘ breakdown, for instance, or Alec Baldwin’s war with the paps. Finally, there were the serious offenses — Joe and Teresa Giudice’s fraud, Mayor Rob Ford’s crack-smoking, and the sad saga of Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen’s boys — that have our jaws still hanging open.

We listed the 20 biggest celebrity (and politician and athlete) scandals of 2013 here in ascending order of severity. Which train wreck shocked you the most? Tell us!

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