Jennifer Lawrence Is Our BFF, And Her American Hustle Co-Stars Aren’t Even Gonna Argue


We’re wrapping up year three of our intense friendship with Jennifer Lawrence, and she doesn’t even know it. In the past 12 months, she’s racked up all the awards and Hunger Games: Catching Fire box office dollars every movie star dreams of, and her crazy good turn in American Hustle (in select theaters today, everywhere December 20) is just going to keep those kudos coming. But the SAG and Golden Globe nods are not what we’re really talking about here. It was in her many interviews, acceptance speeches and red carpet moments that Jen (she let’s us call her that, in our head) really convinced us that she’s the BFF we always wanted — always ready with a fart joke or a self-deprecating comment to brighten our day. We feel like we’ve been in those green rooms doing shots with her, hanging out at her place eating Cheetos, and whispering in her ear when our middle school celebrity crushes walk in the room. Is it healthy to think this way? Jen’s American Hustle co-stars and director David O. Russell were no help at all in dissuading us from our illusions. Watch them refuse to trash talk her above, and then reminisce with us about all the ways she made us think she’s one of us.

Let’s do this in chronological order:
Jennifer Lawrence
1. Jennifer Lawrence kicked off January 2013 with a Vanity Fair interview in which she brushed off the idea that she deserves all the praise we heap on her. “There are doctors who save lives and firemen who run into burning buildings. I’m making movies. It’s stupid.” Good point, but we can’t help ourselves!

2. In EW, she said her Catching Fire co-stars were obsessed with a thing she used to do with her brothers at home: “You cup [your fart] and then you throw it in someone’s face and say ‘Take a bite out of that cheeseburger.'” Delicious!

3. Jen won the Golden Globe, and started off her acceptance speech with an easily misunderstood First Wives Club reference: “What does it say, ‘I beat Meryl’?” Also, she had a fever caused by walking pneumonia at the time. She’s such a trooper.


4. Still battling pneumonia, Jen attended and won at the SAG Awards. Her dress got caught on something and started to come apart as she walked to the stage, but she shrugged off the stumble and still gave a good speech, crediting a commercial she did for My Super Sweet 16 with getting her SAG card. You gotta stay true to your roots!

5. After the SAGs, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jennifer stood next to her proud parents and then made fun of her mom for crying.

6. On Conan, Jennifer told us all about the time she stalked John Stamos and stared at his ass at a party. She also claimed to hate leaving her house because she’d rather not have to change her pants and put on a bra. We’ll happily just party at your place!

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