Jennifer Lawrence Is Our BFF, And Her American Hustle Co-Stars Aren’t Even Gonna Argue


7. Jen’s habit of doing shots before talk-show appearances meant she talked to Jimmy Kimmel about her new worry after seeing her chest x-ray: Her boobs are uneven!

85th Annual Academy Awards - Show

8. If we were ever to wear a fancy ball gown to an awards show, and then have to walk up onto a stage in it, you can bet we’d fall flat on our face, just like our BFF did at the Oscars. Backstage she joked that she did it on purpose, and when asked what went through her mind as she fell, she said, “A bad word that I can’t say. It starts with F.”

9. After all the craziness of awards season, Jen headed back to Hawaii to finish making Catching Fire. That’s where someone snapped a photo of her lighting up a hand-rolled “cigarette.” Jesus, wouldn’t you need a little something to take the edge off after months in the spotlight?

10. Jen was back in fine form at the Met Gala in May, winning our unofficial award for Best Photo Bomb.

Jennifer Lawrence Met Gala

11. Jennifer has been outspoken about Hollywood’s ridiculous body standards, but her quote to Harper’s Bazaar UK is exactly what goes through our minds: “If anybody even tries to whisper the word ‘diet,’ I’m like, ‘You can go f— yourself.”

12. At Comic-Con, Jen embraced the fanaticism in the air and “video-bombed” an interview with Jeff Bridges, incoherently gushing to the actor on camera.

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