Who Was The Hottest Supernatural Character Of 2013?


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We keep hearing that vampires, werewolves, witches and angels are losing steam in pop culture, that people want real drama these days. Um, not as long as Internet fandoms around! You can’t take away our eternal love and lust for the shirt-ripping shapeshifters of Teen Wolf, the muscled gods of Thor, the seductive witches of American Horror Story: Coven or the blood-sucking immortals of The Vampire Diaries. One look at the fervor for 2014’s Vampire Academy and you know there’s a future in fangs.

This is our third year of running this annual poll, which started off with just vampires, but was expanded last year to include all sorts of magical creatures (it was Beauty and the Beast’s Vincent who won an epic battle against The Mortal Instruments‘ warlock Magnus in 2012). We decided to make this a list of 30 this year, but that meant a lot of tough cuts had to be made: There are no books (but oh, how we love you, Raven Boys!); Vincent’s out because he’s actually the result of military science, not magic; we settled on a limit of four characters per given show or movie (oh, you’re not going to like this, True Blood fans); and we skipped a couple of movies and shows we just didn’t care for (Dracula and Beautiful Creatures fans, will you forgive us?). But for every omission, there are new non-humans we’re excited to include (Sleepy Hollow’s Ichabod Crane — who knew you were so yummy?). Also, it’s so weird to be doing all of this in the post-Twilight world!

The result, in order of a taxonomy that might only make sense in our heads, is a list of two gods, one alien superhero, a zombie, a resurrected soldier, a mother of dragons, two homo superiors, two Shadowhunters, an angel, a voodoo queen, two witches, three werewolves, one werewolf/vampire hybrid, two elves, eight vampires and two vampire-human hybrids.

Who was the hottest non-human of the year? Vote for your favorites in the poll below. (If your pick ISN’T here, tweet it to us @VH1Celebrity; we’ll listen!) Poll closes at midnight on December 31.

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