Ben Stiller, Walter Mitty And The Secret Life Of Iceland


Online dating freaks Ben Stiller out.

As a modern remake of the 1939 James Thurber story, Walter is a single man attempting online dating. ┬áIn many ways he should be considered a catch: he’s attractive and has a steady job at a high-profile magazine. But Walter’s incoming winks are nonexistent, as he can’t seem get past a few basic fields of his eHarmony profile. He’s also longing for a woman he knows/stalks (Wiig) in real life, instead of opening himself up to the many potential mates on the site. As for the actors, the world of online dating is a mystery–yet not one they’re necessarily eager to learn more about.

Kristen Wiig can sing.

Saturday Night Live and Bridesmaids only hinted at Wiig’s vocal ability, and here she gets an entire musical number to herself. In keeping with theme of exploration and conquering one’s fear, Wiig delivers an inspirational performance of David Bowie‘s “Space Oddity,” that helps Walter continue his impromptu overseas expedition and venture further into unexplored territory.

Adam Scott is a jerk (again), with a really bad beard.

Walter Mitty Adam Scott

[Photo Credit: Adam Scott]

After years of playing sweet, nerdy Ben Wyatt on Parks and Recreation, it’s hard to believe that Scott could ever possibly be unlikable. But Scott got his start playing douche bags (see: Step Brothers) and again channels that brand of arrogant douche bag as Walter’s boss. He’s a man who doesn’t care about the well being of the magazine’s longtime employees so much as he cares about making a buck. And growing out his horrendous facial hair, apparently.

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