Unlucky ’13: 10 Celebrities Who Had The Worst Year Ever


Celebrities Worst Year Ever

Thirteen is definitely an unlucky number for more than a few famous folks. Some of the biggest and brightest celebs in Hollywood took major tumbles in this last year, with scandals, flops, and sometimes literal tumbles knocking ‘em down a peg or two. 2013 was brutal for many, but read on to see our picks for who had the worst year ever!

10. Lady Gaga

[Photo: Splash News Images]

[Photo: Splash News Images]

It’s safe to say that 2013 wasn’t one of Mother Monster’s finer times. She ushered in the new year by flashing her butt onstage after her latex pants split, but that was just a taster for an even bigger performance fiasco a few weeks later in Montreal. Gaga injured herself during a dance move, resulting in a labral tear and broken hip. The remainder of her Born This Way Ball was cancelled, and she spent the better part of the spring with “quarter-sized holes” in her legs and confined to a wheelchair. It was a gold-plated wheelchair that she nicknamed “Emma”, but still. Thankfully she he was back in action by the fall in order to unveil her latest full-legnth, ARTPOP. The record got off to a decent start, but it took an epic 82% second-week sales dip, the third biggest in SoundScan history.


9. Blair Underwood


[Photo: NBC]

Oof, poor Ironsides. Not only was the former ER heartthrob’s high-profile return to the small screen cut short after a paltry 3 episodes, but the producers also caught some serious flack for not hiring an actual disabled person.

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