Unlucky ’13: 10 Celebrities Who Had The Worst Year Ever


2. Chris Brown


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Breezy just can’t stay away from the law! In January he fought with Frank Ocean over a parking space outside of a L.A. recording studio. It was a he said/he said situation, with both sides claiming the other swung first, but we DO know that punches flew and the LASO was called to sort the matter out. Parking lots proved just as unlucky in March, when Brown reportedly exploded over a $10 valet fee. Apparently he was pissed because he had only been at the venue for 30 minutes and didn’t feel like he had to pay the full parking amount. A saner member of the entourage tried to smooth the situation over by saying “We got the money … don’t worry about it,” but Chris shot him down. ”We gonna turn this whole thing on out,” he was heard to shout. Most recently, Brown was arrested for felony assault outside Washington D.C.’s W Hotel in the early morning hours of October 27th. Apparently a man jumped into a photo Brown was taking with two women, and Brown (or his body guard, depending on the version) broke the man’s nose. Who threw the punch is up for debate, but Brown spent 36 hours in jail and was hurriedly dispatched to rehab for anger management soon after. Although it’s not for certain, the 24-year old entertainer has intimated that he may retire from music following the release of his album X early next year.


1. Renee Zellweger


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And finally, poor Renee, who seems to have plastic surgery’ed herself unrecognizable.

[Photo: Splash News Online/Getty Images]

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