Congrats, Hiddlestoners! Loki Wins Hottest Supernatural Character Of 2013


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Bow down, angels. Tremble in fear, vampires. Put down your grimoires, witches. You are no match for a certain god of trickery and his massive army of followers. Yep, Loki — a.k.a. the ever-charming Tom Hiddleston — and his adoring fans swept him to a decisive victory in our annual poll of the hottest supernatural characters of 2013. To celebrate, we created a little gallery above, chronicling Thor’s adopted bro’s winning plan.

Though the Vampire Academy fans made a good run of it at the beginning (we’re sure they’ll have better luck in 2014, when the movie is actually out!), and Supernatural’s devotees worked hard to drum up support for angel Castiel, in the end, they weren’t even close. With 170,402 votes cast from 135 countries (and, wow, Loki is huge in China), Hiddleston’s minions accounted for 44 percent. Castiel was in second place with 29 percent, and dark horse Ichabod Crane of Sleepy Hollow snagged third place with 11 percent.

Congrats to Tom/Loki, but most of all to you, Hiddlestoners. We’ll do our best to bring you plenty more on the actor and his mischievous character in 2014.

PS. This totally made our month:

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