Eva Longoria: Hottest Woman Of The Year Or Hottest Woman Of ALL Years?


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We have to admit that we found out this morning that Maxim had named actress Eva Longoria as their “2014 Woman of the Year,” we have to admit we were a tiny bit perplexed. After all, the year is only six days old. However, it has to be said that 2013 was indeed a very hot and sexy year for the 38-year-old Longoria, so 2014 should be no different. But then we couldn’t help but wonder, “Isn’t every year a hot and sexy year for Eva Longoria?”

Eva Longoria first burst onto the scene in 2001 when she appeared on the steamy soap, The Young And The Restless. Longoria’s career heated up in 2003, though, when she was cast on the insanely popular nighttime soap, Desperate Housewives. Longoria’s fresh face and undeniable sex appeal made her the show’s breakout star.

Over the years, Longoria’s style has evolved from flirty ingenue to glamourous star. However, she’s always been happy to flaunt her assets. In 2005, Eva Longoria made headlines when she wore a swimsuit to introduce Mariah Carey at the MTV Video Music Awards and the following year she wore a very tiny red dress at the NCLR ALMA Awards.

Now, Longoria has had a long relationship with Maxim. In 2006, she appeared on the cover of its 100th issue and to mark the occasion, Maxim replicated a 75-by-100 foot replica of the cover. It was reportedly big enough to see from space.

But why is Longoria the Woman of this Year?

On Maxim‘s website, they explain:

She was the sexiest suburbanite in history on Desperate Housewives, and now she’s a big shot producer, a savvy businesswoman, and our 2014 Woman of the Year. Is there anything Eva Longoria can’t do? (Hint: The answer is no.)

They also let us know that she was a “band geek” and likes “dark, edgy humor.”

Honestly, we think it’s because she looked so gosh darn good throughout all of 2013.

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