Meet The Comic Who’s Bringing Beyonce + Michelle Obama To Saturday Night Live


4) She’s Worked With The Saturday Night Live Family Before

Sure, Zamata has crossed paths with various Saturday Night Live writers and performers while doing stand up or performing at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, but she’s also been featured on Above Average video content.

Above Average is Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels’s web video production company. Current Saturday Night Live cast members frequently feature in the videos alongside New York based comics…like Zamata.

Zamata twerked in a recent sketch called “Get Back To Twerk” that co-starred current Saturday Night Live cast member John Milhiser. She also recently appeared in an episode of the web series, “The Morning After.” The actress who had appeared in the episode before hers? Current Weekend Update co-anchor Cecily Strong.

5) She’s A Genuinely Awesome Person

When the news hit last night that she had been cast, the immediate reaction from New York comics online was absolute joy and enthusiasm. Now, New York comics can be stereotyped as a vain, bitter, jealous, competitive bunch, but there was absolutely no envy coming from anyone. In fact, the general consensus wasn’t just that Zamata totally deserved to get cast on Saturday Night Live, but that it was a long time coming. I think “Well, duh,” showed up on a lot of Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr feeds.

More than that, Zamata is one of the kindest, smartest, hard-working and all together poised people you’ll ever meet in comedy or in life. Whomever Lorne Michaels cast to be the first black female on Saturday Night Live in five years was going to be walking into a media firestorm, and Zamata is probably one of the few people in the world who can stand up to that kind of scrutiny.

But enough about what a nice, generous, flawfree person she is! She’s freaking funny! She’ll be an amazing addition to the Saturday Night Live cast and everyone who hasn’t seen her perform yet is going to be in for a massive treat when she joins the cast officially on January 18.

Saturday Night Live returns on January 18 with host & musical guest Drake.

[Photo Credit: Above Average Productions]

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