Billy Burke Tells Us What Revolution’s Miles Matheson Would Think Of Twilight


VH1: Do you have an idea of the most people Miles has fought at once?
I know that the pilot I think that fight sequence was the most kills in one sequence. I think we ended up with somewhere between 13 and 22, you can’t really count by what ended up in the episode. Somewhere between 13 and 22 he took on at once and slaughtered them all. I don’t understand why Miles hasn’t become a god in this world; he’s obviously invincible.

VH1: What’s the most people you have personally fought at once?
Just one and that’s myself. On a daily basis.

VH1: Silly question: Is there someone manufacturing bullets in this world now?
There is now. Bullets were in short supply in the beginning, we made mention of it in the first season… You want a real answer? I don’t f-ing know.

VH1: Do details like that ever bother you?
All throughout the first season, I struggled with it. There was always some sort of acceptable answer from the powers that be in the writers’ room. And I just sort of went, “OK, it’s a fantasy show, let’s leave it at that.”

VH1: How long would you last in the Revolution world?
It kind of depends on what it is that I’m fighting for. If I were just fighting for my own survival, I’d probably last four or five minutes. If I were actually trying to maintain my family’s existence in this world and some other people I cared about that were around me, I’d do the best I could, but I’m by no means a survivalist at all. Look, I’m in a Holiday Inn right now and this is rough for me.

VH1: What can you tell us about Bret Michaels’ guest role on the show?
I was not on the set on the day that he worked. From what I heard, he was just absolutely uncannily pleasant and good to be around. He was stoked to be there. I heard he was a great guy and he had a fun little bit to do, but I didn’t get any of the Bret Michaels experience.

VH1: Do you have a wish list of real-life idols you’d like to guest star next?
I don’t actually, I’ve never really thought about it. It’d be great to have an appearance by President Obama playing himself. I’d love to have Tom Waits.

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