Billy Burke Tells Us What Revolution’s Miles Matheson Would Think Of Twilight


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VH1: What do you think Miles would have to say about Twilight?
At first mention, I think he’d say, “What?” He’d have no recognition whatsoever what you were talking about. I think that probably he’s not in the main demographic of that viewing audience.

VH1: When the franchise was going, did you have any fear that you would be playing a dad forever?
No, I didn’t go into that thinking that. I did have to go into that thinking that it would have an audience. I didn’t have any idea that it would become such a part of the zeitgeist as it has, but I did recognize that it would have an audience. I’ve told this story a few times: That’s where that famous pornstache came from. I tried to figure out a way where I could play the character believably but then have an escape route when it blew up. Without the ‘stache I was virtually unrecognizable.

VH1: What do you wish people would know about what it was like to be in the center of Twilight mania?
Here’s something that’s not what you think it is: People have this fantasized view of what being in a machine like that is like. It’s not campaigning every day for parties. It’s a lot of work and you take it graciously and it is what it is. But as I’m sure others would tell you — the Kristens and the Roberts of the world — it’s nice to have some anonymity for a while. I didn’t have to deal with nearly the amount of attention that they did, but it’s not what you think it is. I’m not bitching about it, I’m not complaining, but it’s part of the deal. Also, if people know who you are it’s easier to get work in this business.

VH1: Would you hesitate to do something that big again?
No not at all. I really don’t look at things like that. When that became what it became, I was happy to be in a thing that people paid attention to. I’d been kicking around in this business already for almost 18 years when that came along.

Revolution airs Wednesday nights at 8 pm ET on NBC.

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