Varsity Blues 15 Years Later: James Van Der Beek “Couldn’t Throw” + Other Things You Didn’t Know


varsity blues 15 years later 3

4) Eliel Swinton was the only real athlete among the main cast members:

“He took Stanford to the Pac-10 [championship]. He was the only one who really played football.”

5) There was a fraternity mentality behind the scenes: 

“I have yet to experience the high that I had working on this movie … It was a lot of fun. There were a lot of pranks.

“My fat ass is in the front [of the van] and I just blow ass. Paul and Scott would be in the back of the van and the windows wouldn’t open. They would be miserable.

“Even the girls were in on it.”

varsity blues 15 years later 2

6) Caan walked in on Lester having sex:

“I was almost 500 pounds [at the time]. I never had a girlfriend. Remember the Little Bo Beep stripper from that scene? Well, I get her home. Right when things started getting good, Scott walks into my room and says, ‘I need to borrow your camera for an audition.’ Dude! I was so close! Are you kidding me?”

7) Ali Larter, who played Darcy Sears – the school’s head cheerleader and serial quarterback dater, was not wearing whipped cream: 

“We wanted to be on the set so bad. Later on, we found out it was shaving cream being that whipped cream melts.

“When I spoofed myself in Not Another Teen Movie and Chris [Evans] ends up doing that same whipped cream bikini, it totally just ruined it for me. Seeing Chris naked with cherries on his nipples and a banana in his butt, it killed it.”

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