Skinny Jeans, Shower Scenes And The Supernatural: Sleepy Hollow‘s Sexiest Moments


sleepy hollow

2) Captain Irving’s Guns

Orlando Jones’s Captain Irving is usually outfitted in a sharp tailored suit. Irving brought out the big guns for an action-packet subplot in “The Necromancer.” Irving’s tight t-shirt and combat skills had us seeing the character in a whole new way.

sleepy hollow

3) Anytime Abbie Kicks Ass – Which, Yes, Is All The Time

It’s hard not to get turned on whenever Detective Mills is serving up sweet supernatural justice. Not only is Nicole Beharie a gorgeous woman, but she imbues Abbie Mills with confidence, strength and humor. The only thing sexier than a woman with those attributes is a woman who can kill demons. Oh wait, Abbie does all that? Sexiest character on television.

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