Skinny Jeans, Shower Scenes And The Supernatural: Sleepy Hollow‘s Sexiest Moments


sleepy hollow

4) Skinny Jeans And Revolutionary War-Era Coats

Because Ichabod Crane is displaced in time, he bounds around contemporary Sleepy Hollow dressed like the British gentleman of most women’s dreams. However, it’s not enough that Ichabod Crane is usually dressed in swoon-worthy 18th century garb. The writers of Sleepy Hollow found a way to give the audience a glimpse of Ichabod in form-fitting contemporary fashion. The immediate reaction to seeing Ichabod in skinny jeans ranged from excitement to concern that the change was permanent.┬áTom Mison told us himself that he was not a fan of the skinny jeans (and that he ships Ichabod/Coat!), and it seems like it’s not going to be a lingering trend on the show. But hey! We’ll always have the gifs!

sleepy hollow

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