Daft Punk’s Grammy Helmets + Other Great Moments In Celebrity Masks


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Be honest, wasn’t there a point during last night’s Grammys when you thought the Daft Punk robots just might be so moved by their winning streak that they’d pull off the helmets and actually TALK to us? Well, OK, we’re happy they left the thank-yous up to Pharrell and his hat — because there is something extra alluring about the oxymoronic nature of a famous person in a mask. And also something even more rewarding about seeing them UNmasked. You can enjoy both in our gallery here.

Sometimes, as with Daft Punk, Slipknot and even, on occasion, Kanye West, the mask is all about enhancing the performance. Other celebs — like Bryan CranstonJim Carrey and Johnny Knoxville — enjoy pranking the world with a disguise once in a while. Some super famous people, say Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Bieber, Shia LaBeouf, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, probably need the occasional break a mask can provide from the constant pressure of the paparazzi. And as we’ve seen with Michael Jackson’s kids, masks were a weird but maybe not misguided idea. Though, yeah, the very fact that we have these photos proves that putting on a silly costume is just a way to catch even more attention that you normally would. Oh, wait. Was THAT the point all along?

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