Streaming Scrimmage: Sports-Themed TV Shows You Can Stream Before The Super Bowl



With only a few days left until the Super Bowl, you’ll probably be spending a good chunk of your weekend anticipating the big game. Whether you’re rooting for the Broncos, holding it down for the Seahawks, or you just need an excuse to have a few beers, you’re going to need to do something with all that bottled-up energy. Since you’re already in sports mode, why not just plop down in front of the TV and find a series that truly reflects your current state of mind?

Whether you’re looking for a comedic take on fantasy football or a teen drama chronicling the ups and downs of a high school basketball team, there are plenty of series you binge watch until the coin toss Sunday evening. Plus, you can get a head start on scarfing down the goodies from your game day menu!

Take a look through our list to find out what you’ll be viewing from now until the Super Bowl. Don’t hesitate to get a few friends involved, because binge watching these shows should count as a team sport!

[Photo Credit: CW/FX]

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