Who’s Your Daddy? 10 Insane Celeb Paternity Scandals


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Male celebrities live the life. Fawning fans, crazy cash, management teams that jump at their every whim. And if they’re particularly hot (even if they’re not), there’s always a slew of eager-and-willing women at their disposal. Which, it seems, can get them into eighteen years of trouble, if they’re not careful. Trouble in the form of a baby with their eyes and haircolor (or in the case of Mick and Steven, lush, puffy, rockstar lips).

Yep, paternity scandals go hand-in-hand with celebrity. Who can forget the two that emerged over the holidays? Dwyane Wade proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Gabrielle Union — and two minutes later a baby was born, to a woman who wasn’t her. Meanwhile, Ludacris’ “friend,” Tamika Fuller, sued him over child support for their newborn daughter, which came as a shock to his common law wife.

Will these guys every learn to keep it in their pants? No. Which is always entertaining for us. Here, check out ten  insane celebrity paternity scandals!

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