You Tried! Celebrating The Biggest Fail Faces Of The 2014 Winter Olympics!


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The 2014 Winter Olympics are in full swing in Sochi, Russia, which means we already have new Olympic champions–and new Olympic losers! Sure, a lot of athletes who go to the Olympics are just happy to be there. After all, it’s an immense honor and not everyone can say that they were an Olympian. However, a fair number of athletes really are there to win the gold. Unfortunately, there is only one victor in each event. So what happens when a dream falls short? We get to see the agony of defeat on their faces. Enter: the Olympic fail face.

Now, we realize it’s not entirely nice to revel in a person’s moment of pure anguish, so we’re only collecting the best fail faces from the athletes that you shouldn’t feel too bad for. Everyone on this list has a medal, another shot at gold, or at the very least, is due to have an even better chance at winning in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

After all, we were all laughing when American skater Ashley Wagner‘s look of exuberance following her short program in the Team Figure Skating competition slid to disgust when she saw her scores. She might have fallen short of her own lofty expectations, but she still did well. She still got a bronze medal, for crying out loud! Oh, and did we mention the most important thing? She’s still an Olympian and always will be.

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