Which Nicholas Sparks Films Are Worth Watching?


8. The Lucky One

The Lucky One

In a nutshell: a Marine (Zac Efron) survives his third tour in Iraq thanks to his overwhelming curiosity. When a mysterious photo of a woman he’s never met ultimately save Logan’s life, he becomes obsessed with finding her. So obsessed, he walks from his family home in Colorado to Louisiana (already with the Grand Romantic Gestures) going off a few pieces of intel about the woman in question. Surprise! States outside of the Carolinas do exist. Once there he cozies up to Beth (Taylor Schilling) who happens to be the sister of one of Logan’s fallen comrades. Since she owns a kennel, shenanigans with furballs ensue, and because he’s a Hunky Cool Dude, her reserved son takes a liking to him. Of course this causes problems with her jealous ex-husband, a burly cop looking to become mayor, who runs through a series of attempts at ruining their budding relationship. After Logan has removed himself from the family, a storm comes through which causes both men to fight to save the little boy with Zefron emerging victorious. Yes, I have PTSD and yes I was dishonest about my identity but now we can live in peace since that old tree fell your ex-husband! The American Dream. Efron and Schilling make an odd pair, and watching this movie in full actually makes you thankful for Piper on Orange Is The New Black.

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