Which Nicholas Sparks Films Are Worth Watching?


6. The Last Song

The Last Song

Are you ready to experience the moment Miley and Liam Hemsworth fell in love? Talented yet misunderstood Ronnie gets shipped off to her father’s beachside home after giving her mom one too many headaches in New York. She’s not about this shirtless volleyball life, though–can’t you see she wears black?–and instead becomes fixated on the sea turtle eggs in her front yard rather than actual human contact. Luckily studly Will (Hemsworth) volunteers at the local aquarium and likes girls who verbally berate him and make assumptions about his family’s wealth. The fast-moving summer romance includes one mud fight, one awkward family dinner and a Huge Misunderstanding where Ronnie is too proud to see the other side. Greg Kinnear does as much as he can as Ronnie’s sick father, but his sub-plot about being wrongly accused of burning down a local church is snoozy at best. Liam has his charms, and a surprisingly passable American accent, but Miley’s constant look of disapproval is difficult to shake. Smile! Enunciate! Brush your hair! Be thankful Bangerz came when it did.

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