Is Kate Upton’s Flip Side Sports Illustrated Cover Hotter Than The Real One?


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If you’re still pissed that Kate Upton didn’t get the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition cover for the third year in a row, you can calm down (a little) now. Upton might not be one of the three bathing beauties whose booties grace the 50th Anniversary cover, but she still kind of wins. See, Upton got the flip side cover and it might be hotter than the one with Nina Agdal, Lily Aldridge and Chrissy Teigen

Sure, landing the flip side cover might not give Upton the honor of landing three covers in a row (a feat only Christie Brinkley and Elle Macpherson have previously accomplished), but the curvaceous model did make history by being the first Sports Illustrated model to pose in zero gravity!

We’ve always been of the opinion that Kate Upton’s marvelous assets are out of this world, but Sports Illustrated decided to take that literally for one of her photo shoots. They took Upton up into the sky in a modified Boeing-727 that then did a series of 17 “parabolas” that not only created a sensation of zero gravity, but four of the parabolas created the same gravity a person would experience walking on the moon.  So, for the first time in history, we can see how a person would fare in space in a tiny swimsuit in lieu of a space suit.

Of course, we’re getting distracted from what really matters here: should Upton have gone for the three-peat? Her cover might not be as bewitching as three topless babes showing their butts, but you can’t deny that her flip side cover is pure sex appeal. We’re torn between the two, but we want to know what YOU think.

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[Photo Credit: Getty Images/Sports Illustrated]

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