Guardians Of The Galaxy’s Chris Pratt: From Lovable Loser To Hunky Hero


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We’ve always had a big crush on Chris Pratt. How can you not? He’s adorable, he’s funny, and he can play the guitar! Let’s just say, though, that our crush went into major overdrive when Pratt transformed himself into a superhero for Guardians of the Galaxy. We’re not just talking about the “chunky to hunky” shirtless selfie seen all over the world. Pratt didn’t just get into the physical shape of a hunky hero; he also got into the mental state of a swaggering space pilot. And let’s just say we’re liking it. We’re liking it a lot.

Comic book movie fans were shocked when Marvel announced that Parks and Recreation star Chris Pratt would be starring as Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, in their space opera, Guardians of the Galaxy. It wasn’t that Pratt didn’t have the right amount of comic nerve to play the cosmic wiseacre. With a history of playing adorably schlubby losers, he just didn’t seem to be the right physical type.

Pratt, who actually started his career playing a hot athlete on Everwood, knew that his appearance might play to his detriment. He recently confessed to MTV News that he didn’t want to audition for Peter Quill because he felt “fat.” Lucky for us, he did try out for the role and he turned out to be the hero that director James Gunn was looking for. Pratt went on a grueling workout routine and cut out beer to get himself into “superhero shape.”

Pratt’s hard work definitely paid off, though. We know because the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer shows off Pratt’s crazy abs in a moment of gratuitous male toplessness that we have to tip our hats to.

Chris Pratt was always a super cutie. Now he’s a superhero hottie.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images/NBC, Instagram, Marvel]

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