Hip Hop Changed Us: Rafi D’Angelo Discusses The Tanning Of America


At long last, The Tanning Of America: One Nation Under Hip Hop gets its world premiere tonight at 11/10C on VH1! In anticipation of the four-part television event, we hooked up with some top tier media pros to learn how hip hop influenced their careers and lives. Last week we heard from Joe La Puma of Complex Media, and today we’re checking in with Rafi D’Angelo, the brains and voice behind SoLetsTalkAbout.com.
So Let’s Talk About is, by D’Angelo’s estimation, a place where he can be outspoken about “Men, news, celebrities, politics, music, and all things noteworthy and interesting.” He cites hip hop as setting the example on how to comment on society and the struggles around him. “I knew from watching black art respond to these things that something wasn’t right,” D’Angelo says about the 1992 LA riots that followed the controversial Rodney King verdict. Hip hop empowered D’Angelo find his voice in the world, which is the message The Tanning Of America explores.

Airing February 24-27 at 11 p.m. each night, The Tanning of America examines how hip hop has dramatically changed American culture so that a career like D’Angelo’s is now possible. Check back later today for a dose of wisdom from Hot 97’s Miss Info!

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