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Each year, the awards season means certain stars get an opportunity to shine as they make the rounds on red carpets, picking up trophies and working their way toward that Oscar. Some celebs do it better than others. See last year when Jennifer Lawrence shined from the moment she “beat Meryl” at the Golden Globes to tripping on her way to picking up her Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Meanwhile, Anne Hathaway couldn’t muster the same spirit. Speech after speech, fans felt she was phoning it in. Luckily, the stars on this list, including Lupita Nyong’o, Matthew McConaughey and Emma Thompson, fall in line J-Law.

1. Lupita Nyong’o

The breakout star of this year’s awards season is none other than Nyong’o. The actress may not have swept the awards (thanks to a pesky but also deserving Jennifer Lawrence) but she has become one to watch. Her style and beauty pops on the red carpet as she continues to make smart fashion choices. Nyong’o’s manner and attitude is polished yet adorable. There’s no Anne Hathaway moment happening here. She’s truly awed by the company she suddenly keeps. But the best thing is her Instagram account. As she goes from award show to award show, she has made a checklist of celebs to hug and meet. And with each ceremony she checks them off her list.

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2. Emma Thompson

If there’s one star who made every awards show worth watching, it’s Thompson. The actress made her mark this year with GIF-able moments that had fans howling: Drinking on stage (check), chucking high heels (did it), photobombing Nyong’o on the red carpet (in the bag). Sadly for fans, Thompson’s awards season ended early. Without an Oscar nomination for her role in Saving Mr. Banks, Thompson will skip the Academy Awards for what we imagine is a comfy pair of shoes and a big vodka martini.

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3. Cate Blanchett

Blanchett makes the list for two wonderfully perfect acceptance speeches she made at both the Golden Globes and SAG Awards after winning for her role in Blue Jasmine. The first being the Golden Globes during which she announced she had been drinking. “I had a few vodkas under my belt and here we are,” Blanchett said as she took the podium. Meanwhile, at the SAG Awards, she had a better grasp of the situation. She dutifully stroked the ‘actor’ as she requested a bit more time to make her thanks. “I’ve been away from the film industry for a long time making theatre, and — 29 seconds! Matthew McConaughey spoke about Neptune,” Blanchett reacted. “I think I can have five seconds!” Blanchett, take all the time you need!

4. Matthew McConaughey

Thanks to this awards season, McConaughey’s transformation into A-List leading man is complete. The recognition of Dallas Buyers Club has meant that McConaughey is hot demand on the red carpet. Thankfully he recruited a stylist who makes him look like the sharpest man at each event. While co-star Jared Leto continues to make hippie hair a thing, McConaughey looks like he walked out of the pages of GQ. Check out his sharpest looks:

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5. Pharrell William’s Hat

William’s truly made a fashion statement at the Grammy Awards when he stepped out wearing a Vivienne Westwood mountain style hat. The hat quickly garnered all of the media and internet’s attention when they became fascinated by the accessory. It turns out it was a nod to the now-classic hip hop video, “Buffalo Girls,” by Malcolm McLaren and the World’s Famous Supreme Team. While Williams paid tribute to the music video, fans paid tribute by launching twitter accounts and memes dedicated to the hat. The hat quickly earned accolades of its own, including Hat Person of the Year, and even made a second appearance at the Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon. Now, it’s being auctioned off and is up to $14,500 with five days to go. Not bad for a hat.

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