How To Give The Best Oscar Speech Ever! (Hint: You Really Don’t Have To Thank Your Lawyer)



Giving a memorable Oscar acceptance speech is almost as important as giving a great performance. I mean, how else will people remember if you even won or not if they can’t remember your acceptance speech? To wit, VH1 has come up with 5 easy tips every Oscar winner should remember when they accept their award this Sunday night.

1) Make The Music Your Own Personal Soundtrack

The Oscars don’t have their own pit orchestra to entertain the audience in between segments. The musicians are there to “politely” signal to winners that their time is up and they should vacate the stage immediately.

However, actors are hams and actors don’t want to give up their moment in the spotlight. Most winners awkwardly dip out when the music starts to play, but those people are amateurs.

Consider Julia Roberts‘s win for Erin Brockovitch in 2001. Now, I don’t remember much about the movie except Roberts’s boobs were on display and water is scary, but everyone vividly remembers Roberts haggling with “Mr. Stick Man” for more time.

The best use of Oscar music, though? Cuba Gooding, Jr. When Gooding won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar in 1996 for Jerry Maguire, he acknowledged that he was running out of time and said the orchestra could play on…but then he went on. What follows is a rousing speech that captured the imagination of all who saw it. Finally! A St. Crispin’s Day speech for our time!

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