Last Lap: Did Oprah Winfrey Use A Pre-Oscar Party To Quell An Ongoing Beef?


Oprah Winfrey

The Gossip Table is back! Amanda Bynes tests the waters on Twitter, and we wonder if there will be a sequel to Fifty Shades Of Grey.

  • Ahead of the Oscars, Oprah Winfrey happened to see a nemesis from the music world at a party. The media mogul had a falling out with Snoop Dogg years ago over rap lyrics, but the two buried the hatchet over the weekend. They even posed for a few pics! So, when will we hear Oprah finally drop a verse or two? [Daily Mail]
  • The Gossip Table panelists have returned, and they wasted no time sifting through the latest celebrity news. Check out our video gallery for the headlines that have Hollywood fired up!
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  • Despite the fact that social media once gave us a front seat to her antics, Amanda Bynes has returned to Twitter. As the actress continues recovering after being treated for mental illness, she updated her profile and it appears she deleted many of the tweets that reflected her past state. All of that behavior may be behind her, but at least she feels strong enough to still reach out to her fans! [The Hollywood Gossip]
  • With Fifty Shades Of Grey still in production, will the second and third books in the trilogy also be adapted for the big screen? [MTV News]
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