Scarlett Johansson Is Pregnant! Celebrate Her New Baby Boobs With Her 29 Bustiest Moments


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Scarlett Johansson is expecting a baby! The actress and her fiance, Romain Dauriac, announced that they’re going to be proud parents. And with that amazing news, we can’t help but take a look back at the, ahem, assets, that made us fall in love with Scarlett in the first place.

Back when ScarJo turned 29, we knew we had the mark the day in a very unique way. Come on, she’s accomplished a lot in less than three decades. With that said, we took a poll in our office and discovered that even though ScarJo has so much to offer, the first image that came to our minds when we heard her name was, well … boobs. And after celebrating that Very Booby Birthday, we can’t help but think about how her mammary glands will finally be put their intended use. Plus, they’ll be getting even bigger!

Scroll through our gallery to check out some of ScarJo’s best booby moments ever. We’ve compiled some of our favorites over the years; from when Scarlett’s voluptuous bosom first went international on the cover of European magazines, to the Golden Globe Awards, where she took home her own two Golden Globes.

During our painstakingly in-depth research of Johansson’s bust, we noticed that her rack was not only very versatile, filling roles like girl-next-door, sexy, artsy or high-fashion. They have become very political as well. Why, recently a Taiwanese mayor had to ask the press to back off when they got a little too close for comfort while ScarJo filmed a movie. Additionally, while perusing through our photo providers, we noticed that our access to ScarJo’s boobs gets more expensive as the cameras focus in on her cleavage. Oh ScarJo, your boobs are keeping a lot of people employed and a lot of people fed. Next up, philanthropy!

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