Do Mom And Dad Really Know Best? A Guide To Celebrities Who’ve Been Managed By Their Parents


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They say mother and father know best, but when it comes to the business dealings of some of the world’s biggest stars, are parents always the best people to control millions of dollars? Certain stars seem to think so. From Scarlett Johansson to Lindsay Lohan and Beyoncé, plenty of Hollywood’s elite opts to hire within, recruiting mom or dad as their business manager. But what happens when they have some major mommy or daddy issues? D-R-A-M-A.

Macauly Culkin famously emancipated himself from his parents and “retired” from acting, after feeling beholden to father-manager, Kit, who was rumored to have mismanaged his funds. Aaron Carter fired his momager, Jane, in 2003 and quickly ordered a full audit of his earnings following accusations that she had pocketed nearly $100,000, while Leighton Meester was embroiled in lawsuits with her mother and former manager, Constance, during the height of her Gossip Girl stardom. And we can’t forget Michael Jackson and his brothers’ toxic relationship with their father, Joe Jackson, who reportedly physically and verbally abused his talented children while grooming them for the spotlight.

Of course not all parental managers are bad. Miley Cyrus had a breakout 2013–thanks to her twerking and traveling tongue–and her mom and manager, Tish Cyrus, was always “right beside her.” Kris Jenner helped transition daughter Kim Kardashian from sex tape star to undeniable entertainment force–someone whose pregnancy or impending Kanye West is worthy of round-the-clock scrutiny. Other celebrities start out with family guiding their careers, only to part ways with their parents amicably. But when you fire your mom or dad, don’t Thanksgiving dinners get awkward? Save that question for Queen Bey. Check out our gallery above to find out which stars opt to keep it in the family, and whose momagers have turned out to be detrimental to their careers.

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