Join The Crowd: Which Celebs Want Your Money To Fund Their Pet Projects?


In Hollywood, it takes a lot of star power to get anything done these days — and also a lot of money. And with production companies being picky about the ventures they want to sink their dollars into, celebrities are increasingly turning to you, the fans, to pitch in when they need cash to get their projects made.

In the clip above, Zach Braff explains that reaching out to fans allows him to sidestep the Hollywood machine and, of course, to give moviegoers what they want. However, quite a few stars have faced a backlash, with critics wondering whether celebs should reach into their own deep pockets for financing. Even though it’s hard out here for the masses, it seems like fans are flocking to crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo to offer up cash for their favorite celebs.

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And with the Veronica Mars movie, one of the most successful crowdfunding examples to date, recently having its debut at SXSW, we wonder if stars will be relying on us more and more for money. So who’s using crowdfunding as a way to make sure their ideas see the light of day? Hop into the gallery above to see the actors who’ve asked us for money — and for whom we decided to pony up the cash.

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