Nicki Minaj’s Fab Life By The Numbers


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Just how fabulous is the life of Nicki Minaj? In short: Pretty fab! The rapper is the subject of this week’s episode of The Fabulous Life Of... and the show digs deep into her lavish lifestyle. For instance, did you know she drops upwards of $16,000 on a dress? And that’s just to walk to red carpet. Then there are the shoes, which cost nearly $3,500 a pair. What?! That’s more than last month’s rent! Don’t even get us started on the cars, the trips and her obsession with fried chicken.

If you missed Minaj’s episode, don’t worry, VH1 has you covered with two bonus clips not seen on the show:

For instance, what goes into the rapper’s fab nails? Lots of (expensive) cuticle care.

If her nails weren’t enough, there’s the amount Minaj spends on pimping out her rides. And no, Xzibit is not involved.

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