When Shorties Date Tallies: Tall Celebrity Women Who Get With Shorter Men


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A ways back we brought you some of our favorite celebrity couples with hilarious height differences, and most of those examples featured the dude towering over their significant others. But that’s not always the case, y’all. Now we’re going to switch it up a bit with some lovely tall ladies who date much shorter men!

Nicole Kidman is a classic example, having done double marriage duty with action hero Tom Cruise¬†and currently with country star Keith Urban. But she is far from the only one! Statuesque beauty Uma Thurman joined the club when she was married to long-time husband Ethan Hawke, and in the music world there’s (formerly Lil’) Bow Wow ¬†former flame, Ciara.

Head up to the gallery above for celebrity couples who prove the old adage that height ain’t nothin’ but a number. Get ready for a whole lotta flats, folks. Enjoy!

[Photo: Getty Images]