Who’s Ruling Westeros? And Who Rocked The Red Carpet? Insider Scoop From The Game Of Thrones Season Four Premiere


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HBO hosted an epic Game of Thrones season four premiere bash in Lincoln Center last night. There was a star-studded red carpet, a giant dragon and the world premiere screening of season four, episode one–and we were there on the red carpet and in the HBO Game of Thrones “Fan Zone.” We’ve got all the red carpet gossip and insider scoop on season four.

So, what is a “Fan Zone?” What does that even mean?

I’m still not entirely sure. HBO prescreened and invited a small number of “Super Fans” to come to the season four premiere and to cheer cast members on as they arrived on the red carpet. I got the invite because I’ve been running a fan tumblr since the show premiered called “My Mom Watches Game of Thrones.” (Before you ask, YES, my mother really watches the show and YES, that is really her hilarious and sometimes politically incorrect commentary).

I’ve attended other “fan” premieres and they were full of people wearing themed costumes and nerding out. The HBO “Fan Zone” was specifically told to not dress in costume and to look tasteful for the cameras. Also, it was one of the most photogenic collections of non-models I’ve ever seen in New York City.

We arrived at Lincoln Center at 4pm, had to sign waivers so we could appear on camera, received Game of Thrones goodie bags, got to take selfies with the giant dragon set up in the middle of Lincoln Center, and then we stood outside in the freezing cold for over 2 hours and screamed when our favorite cast members arrived. Then, we were let inside to watch the premiere. And this is what I learned…

Which cast member is the real fan favorite?

Everyone raves about the Khaleesi, but when Emilia Clarke scooted in with Rose Leslie (Ygritte) and Jack Gleeson (Joffrey Baratheon), most fans didn’t recognize her! Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) and Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) received rapturous applause on the red carpet and inside Avery Fisher Hall. However, Kristian Nairn aka HODOR was the man that all the fans wanted to see. (I, personally, was enamored of Lena Headey‘s awesome look and the adorkable look on her face when she turned back to thank a fan for complimenting her hair.)

No matter how jaded and cool you think you are, you will geek out on a red carpet.

Before I left for the event yesterday, I told everyone at work that I was just there to see the premiere episode. I wasn’t going to scream. I wasn’t going to cheer. I wasn’t going to embarrass myself on the red carpet.

Then, I got on the red carpet and I became a superfried nerd girl. I took an epic amount of instagram pics of the cast members. I corrected everyone around me on the names of obscure characters. When True Blood‘s Michael McMillian interviewed me for the intro to the Facebook Live stream of the event, I eagerly dished on my favorite characters–and as soon as I realized that I’d accidentally referred to Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Dutch and not Danish on camera (which happened as soon as I accidentally said he was Dutch), I began to hate myself.

I went full nerd, guys. There’s just something about the red carpet that brings it out of you.

So what about the episode itself?

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