What Happened To Coach On New Girl?! And Other TV Pilot Mysteries


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We all love watching TV, there’s no denying it. We relish those minutes (or hours) in front of the screen because they let us completely tune out the world. In just a 30-minute episode, we’re transported to a new reality, and it’s oh-so refreshing. Our personal drama, work stress and  roommate issues instantly evaporate and it’s cloud 9 for the night. But what happens when the TV show you’re falling madly in love with deceives you? What happens when you watch a pilot episode and then BOOM! The following episode is completely different. It’s heartbreaking.Recall the premiere of the highly anticipated show New Girl. People were E-X-C-I-T-E-D about it like it was nobody’s business. We watched the show, we were charmed by the characters – particularly Coach – and then POOF! His character was gone in the next episode. How is a person expected to sleep through the night after such a traumatic change? It’s rough.

Let’s take a look back into the archives of television history and see which other shows made big changes in the cast from the pilot to the following episode. It’s shocking, it’s startling and it’s about time. So come join us as we do some detective work and solve the Biggest TV Pilot Mysteries. 

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