New Life Goal: Start A Dance Party With The Adorable Cast Of Orange Is The New Black


Orange Is The New Black is a show that tows the line between hilarious and heavy, but off-camera its actors always seem to be having a ball. And usually said ball involves dancing around in between takes a la Laverne Cox (Sophia) or watching Danielle Brooks (Taystee) take selfies.

Because we can’t wait for Season Two, we had to catch up with the show’s fabulous cast before their recent Paley Fest┬ápanel in Los Angeles. New dad Jason Biggs (Larry) was revealed to be the biggest prankster on-set (as if there was any other choice?) and Kate Mulgrew (Red) explained just how many people mistake her for being Russian in real life. Wait… but is she? To see just how well this delightful group of performers knows each other, we put them through a little round of Most Likely To. See what they nailed and what they need to work on, above. And don’t worry, Taylor Schilling! There’s still time to catch up on old editions of GOOP before you host your first dinner party.

Season Two of Orange Is The New Black hits Netflix on Friday, June 6. To refresh your memory, take a look at our guide to characters of Season One.

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