Retta, The Greatest Live-Tweeter, Reviews TV’s Best Shows


Parks and Recreation‘s Donna aka the terribly funny Retta is probably Twitter’s funniest live-tweeter. Each week the actress blesses fans with shocked reactions, quick wit and unforettable commentary. When VH1’s Kate Spencer bumped into her on the red carpet of the PaleyFest 2014, the ultimate TV fan festival, she tested Retta’s Twitter knowledge of the show and had her provide one-word and one-tweet reviews. She offers up thoughts on Orange is the New Black, Scandal and The Walking Dead. And let’s be real, hearing Retta review each show is just like watching her live feed on Twitter. She’s exactly the person you want to watch TV with because she knows exactly how you feel.

Did you catch all of her reviews? Let’s run through them one more time:

  • Scandal: “Holy shit!”
  • Girls: “Dayummm!”
  • Orange is the New Black: “Good lord!”
  • Game of Thrones: “I can’t take it.”
  • Downton Abbey: “So good.”
  • The Walking Dead: “Oooof!”

Check out Retta’s funniest live-tweets and reactions to her favorite TV shows and be sure to follow her on Twitter (@unfoRETTAble) if you’re not already. (Warning: Minor spoilers.)

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