Do Celebrities Dress Better In NYC Or LA?


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“Bi-coastal” is something that most of us only dream of being. As obnoxious as saying one is “bi-coastal” might sound, we all secretly want that lifestyle. Many celebrities spend their time flying between NYC and LA, which is probably what makes the whole thing look so glamorous.¬†With two homes comes two wardrobes. For LA, there’s the boho, carefree girl with sun-soaked shoulders. For NYC, it’s the sassy, sharp fashionista.

From Miley Cyrus to Lea Michele, celebrities switch up their style in each city like their lives depend on it. We’ve put together a comparative list of our favorite celebs to see which city brings out their best outfits. If you’re dying to know whether Beyonc√© looks better in New York or Los Angeles, check out our gallery.

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