She Married Him?!?!? 15 Celebrity Marriages We Can’t Believe Happened In The First Place


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We like to think that we know everything about our favorite celebs. We can rattle off their filmography, their favorite fashion designers and even their most scandalous one night stands. However, even the biggest movie stars, like Jennifer Garner or Angelina Jolie, can surprise us with the unlikely celebs they chose for their first marriages.

The heart is fickle, and so is fame. Jennifer Garner might be one half of a major Hollywood couple now, but in the late ’90s, she was Scott Foley‘s unknown actress wife. The couple divorced after her star started to rise after Alias. Angelina Jolie’s first marriage was to Elementary‘s Jonny Lee Miller. The two met while co-starring in Hackers and are still friends.

We might be pleasantly surprised that Jennifer Garner and Angelina Jolie might have been married in the ’90s, but we’re absolutely stunned that Uma Thurman and Gary Oldman were man and wife for a few years. Perhaps the biggest celebrity marriage of all? George Clooneys four year marriage to Talia Balsam. It’s not that we can’t see Clooney married to the beautiful Balsam; we can’t see him married to anybody!

None of the marriages on this list lasted until the end of time, but we’re still surprised they happened at all.


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