You Won’t Believe Who These Celebs Own Businesses With!


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The art of the celeb side hustle is nothing new. Since the dawn of man, financially-savvy entertainers have been exploring business options outside of movies, albums and TV shows — to varying degrees of success, of course (anyone remember Fashion Cafe? Or Nyla?). Not only is it always a smart idea to diversify their portfolio, the businesses give them something to fall back on when the box office and record sales start to plummet. Of course, the usual A-list side endeavors include starting restaurants, backing clothing lines or, in Ashton Kutcher’s case, putting star muscle behind smartly conceived tech startups. Recently, Jay Z., in all his big-baller glory, has set the bar by buying sports teams and launching a sports agenting company.

But the new thing? Totally random celebrities joining together to achieve side hustle greatness. We’re talking the world’s blingiest rapper/mogul and one of Hollywood’s most powerful producer/actors. An Oscar-nominated actor/director and the husband of the world’s most famous supermodel. The greatest movie star of our generation, the greatest football star of our generation, and a certain Brazilian bombshell — who they’ve both been madly in love with (tricky, that).

Here, check out our roundup of the ten most random celeb business co-owners!


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