The Scandal Battle Between Fitz And Jake Will Come Down To Shirtlessness



Having worked underneath Eli Pope, Jake is learning how to deliver chill-inducing speeches that will remind anyone in your path how meaningless their lives really are. But he’s not there yet; there’s still a trace of Puppy Dog/Noel Crane in those eyes. Fitz, on the other hand, grew up with Big Jerry as a father, an elected official and party favorite who ripped into his children on a nightly basis. When it comes to cutting deep to the core, he doesn’t hold back. We’ll try to ignore the fact that he’s a man who’s complained about his wife sexually rejecting him when he has been stepping out on her for their entire marriage. (We said we’ll try; it’s difficult.)
Winner: Fitz


Does anyone on this show have one, save for baby Ella?
Winner: Draw


Jake spent years ruthlessly murdering people for the alleged good of his country. And when he started asking questions and venturing from his assignment, he found himself in a hole (literally). Fitz has followed the path set for him by his father, then Mellie, then Cyrus and Olivia, until it got him a seat in the Oval Office. He may put up a bit of a fight today, but he’s still following his not-so-trusted team blindly — as seen when he threw his debate against Sally Langston.
Winner: Fitz

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