God Bless The USA: Captain America’s Best Butt Moments


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Captain America: The Winter Soldier debuts in American cinemas today and is about to reset the Marvel universe in surprising and thrilling ways. So, naturally, the poster focused on the most important part of the movie: Captain America’s butt.

Captain America: The First Avenger told the story of scrawny, but spirited, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans). Steve was a good man who wanted so badly to serve his country and fight Nazis that he volunteered for an experimental procedure to turn him into the world’s first super soldier. The operation had the unexpected side effect of turning him into a super stud.

captain america

The citizens of the Marvel universe are lucky that so much power was bestowed on such a worthy man, and Marvel fans are lucky that Joss Whedon spent so much time framing shots in The Avengers that featured Captain America’s butt. If you think we’re crazy, consider that the audience meets Cap’s butt before it meets Cap himself in the film.

So, in honor of Captain America’s return to the big screen, we’ve assembled some of Cap’s best butt moments from The Avengers. It seems like it takes a fine ass to kick serious ass.

[Photo Credit: Marvel; Gif Credit: Tumblr]

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