Guess The Gaffe: Did These Awkward Quotes Come From Joe Biden Or Veep‘s Selina Meyer?


With Veep‘s third season beginning tonight on HBO, we couldn’t help but think about the similarities between fictional vice president, Selina Meyer, and our actual V.P., Joe Biden. They’re both former senators, they both took on vice presidential duties after vying for the highest office in the land, and they both have penchants for fumbling their public statements.

If you’re not convinced that politicians sometimes miss the mark when connecting with the public, watch the clip above to catch the cast of Veep recall their favorite real-life political flubs.

Remember, being the vice president of the world’s greatest nation is a tough job! Anyone would crack under that kind of pressure. However, when we hear Selina and Joe go on the record, we can’t help but pore over their gaffes, hot-mic truth telling, and otherwise cumbersome quotes.

So if you were put to the test, could you figure out which statements were the work of fiction and which came from our actual second-in-command? Click through our quiz to see if you can tell whether these words were uttered by Selina Meyer or by Joe Biden. They both may be heartbeats away from the presidency, but they’re top notch when it comes to hilarity!

[Photo Credit: Getty Images/HBO]

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