Silicon Valley Proves TV Geeks Will Always Be Chic


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Like slackers, geeks hold a special place in our hearts. Conventional high school rules may deem them unworthy lunchtime companions or prom dates, but time and television have proven that they’re usually the ones with the most interesting things to say. And let’s be real: we’re all a little bit geeky about something, be it period pieces or comic book sequels.

With the premiere of HBO’s Silicon Valley we can’t wait to fall in love with a new crop of genetically blessed computer wizards who should soon be able to guarantee us a lifetime of paid bills and bottle service happiness (if we play our cards right). The history of geeky characters on television runs deep, from the nasal greeting of Steve Urkel, forever engrained in our minds, to the hard sci-fi writings of the particularly noncommittal caterer Roman DeBeers on Party Down. 30 Rock made us worship Liz Lemon, a professional snacker who will dress as Princess Leia for jury duty, while Parks and Recreation taught us not to speak to Ben Wyatt when he’s in the presence of Game of Thrones memorabilia. It’s a tough group to break into, so how do the guys of HBO’s newest comedy match up? Take a look at our favorite TV geeks of all-time and decide for yourselves.

[Photo Credit: NBC]

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